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Scientific Journals for Research Publishing

Scientific journals are a great way to disseminate information in your field, not only for yourself but also opportunities to collaborate with others. Scientific journal articles have their own set of rules and regulations when it comes to formatting, content, citations, etc., so being knowledgeable in this area is very important! This article will give […]

Good Lab Practice Consultancy

In order for labs to scale production and development of assays good lab practice structures are vital to ensure high quality and scalable production of biologics, antibodies, compounds or cellular assays. — Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) is a laboratory management system that was established to ensure the reliability of data generated in laboratories. It is […]

Scientific Consultants

In this article we will discuss about Scientific consultancy and how it is crucial for scientific research in order to succeed. Scientific consultancy attempts to ease the research process and help researchers in achieving their scientific goal, which is developing novel methods and approaches that can provide new insights into a given field of study. […]

Kim Keat Support

Kim Keat is delighted to work with a range of key life science reagent companies for the support and guidance they can provide and enabling scientists to discover cutting edge results that will allow us to progress our understanding of science and the medical field. Kim Keat is delighted to be working with Assay Genie […]